Air Pollution and Its Harmful Effects on Your Health

Harmful Effects. In the past, numerous studies have been conducted to show that the increase in pollution from the air is linked to various health conditions, including chronic obstructive lung disease and diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, and heart disease. That’s right, the short and long-term exposure to air pollution can be detrimental to your overall health. Find out more.


Harmful Effects


A second study was recently released that detailed the consequences of global pollution in the last 14 years. According to this study, fossil fuel combustion led to over 9 million deaths prematurely throughout the globe in 2018. In addition, more than 350,000 deaths took place within the United States alone. Most of them were the result of heart disease and strokes.


You might think about who’s most susceptible to the negative impacts on the air quality. According to numerous studies, people suffering from underlying illnesses like heart disease are more likely to die from air pollution. Also, pregnant women are at higher risk.


Tips to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Pollution


The first thing to do is you might want to think about the index of air quality to get some guidance. The EPA will help you get more information about the air quality. If you notice that the AQI is not within good health levels, recommend reducing the amount of time you spend outdoors. This is particularly crucial if you live in areas prone to traffic.


It would be best to stay inside and shut your windows when the air conditioner is in operation. This way, you will be protected against temperatures. Additionally, you could also put on surgical masks to shield yourself from the impact of big particles. We suggest you opt for N95 masks because they perform a fantastic job of filtering out fine particles.


Apart from that, there is a need to be aware of how you travel. It is best to look at healthier options instead of using your car. It is also advisable to think about local food sources if possible.


If you decide to take a drive, we advise you not to idle your vehicle. This can aid in the saving of fuel and also save our environment from greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.


It is also possible to replace or upgrade your stove’s gas. If you’re looking to purchase new ones, We suggest you select one that is electric or induction. Induction cooktops can indeed reduce indoor air pollution. In addition, they also save energy.


If you can, you might consider using high-quality air purifiers. While they can’t eliminate all pollutants, they can help enhance the quality of your indoor air. We recommend that you look into an air purifier with an excellent CADR rating concerning the dimensions of your space.


You might want to replace the air purifier. In reality, it is crucial to ensure the correct functioning of the air purifiers you have.


It is also possible to choose renewable sources of energy. For instance, you could put solar panels on your roofing to satisfy your home’s energy requirements.


Short and sweet We suggest you use the guidelines in this article to help bring the level of pollution to your home environment. Hope these tips assist you in playing your part in cleaning your outdoor air and staying healthy.


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