Can Clean Air Make You Smarter?

Clean Air Make. According to researchers breathing in air polluted by pollutants could affect your ability to remember and reason. Additionally, it could decrease your intelligence and the academic level of your students. In this article, we will discover how the quality and quantity of your air can affect your cognitive function. Learn more.


Clean Air Make


1. Performance on standard tests


In the realm of education, standardized tests are of great importance. In reality, parents and educators have been discussing the impact of gender, cultural background, and family income on test results. Researchers are currently looking to determine the impact of air quality on the test scores of students. 


Many studies have revealed a correlation between the performance of students and their academic performance. One study showed that exposure to air pollution was linked to lower scores on tests standardized in mathematics and reading.


2. Cognitive skills


In other studies, pollution in the air can negatively impact your cognitive abilities. In a different study, researchers discovered that people who resided in areas of pollution levels that were high had 15% more errors than residents of areas with moderate pollution.


3. Memory


Scientists have discovered an entanglement between the brain and pollution from the air. For instance, researchers studying neuroscience were put in an area that contained the highest concentration of particulate matter over 10 months. They concluded that mice in highly polluted areas had a long time to go through mazes. Additionally, they committed more errors than mice living in the clean air.


How does this happen? The pollution alters the edges of neurons inside the brain. They are the ones responsible for enhancing or weakening your memory.


What you can do


It is possible to play an essential role in improving the quality of the environment you reside in. You can, for instance, lower the amount of pollution, enhance ventilation, and set up air filters. Below are a few easy actions to ensure that your indoor air is clean.


  • Participate: In the schools, air purifiers must be installed since they aid in improving test scores and attendance rates if kids breathe fresh and clean air and won’t get sick. If they aren’t sick, they will not be forced to take sick days, increasing the number of students who attend school. 
  • Avoid exposure for a long time to air pollution. You are looking to lessen your exposure to pollution from the air, particularly if you live indoors, install high-quality air purifiers, such as an open flame.
  • Reduce the amount of air pollution: It’s best to use vehicles that don’t cause much pollution. Electric cars can cut down on pollution in the air and protect the planet.


Short story If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to purify your air and boost your mental performance. The goal is to ensure you’re not suffering from the negative impacts of indoor pollution of the air. It’s the same even when you’re outside your home. A simple solution to this problem is using high-quality air purifiers.


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